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All replica watches scratches on the case and strap can be removed by plastic surgery

All replica watches scratches on the case and strap can be removed or viewed through plastic surgery. If the grain is concentric, the linear number of corn is better produced, which still needs to be made using electric vehicles.

Polished case and strap-replica watches

Drawing and polishing of the case and strap, the finish should be sanded, ground, and ground. Then the sand area only needs to be sanded. The coating can be used for ordinary tape, and some for polishing the surface of the conventional metal. template.

It is not difficult to repair the scratches on the strap with sandpaper, as long as you can carefully maintain the stability of the hand replica watches; however, the polishing process uses a cloth wheel polisher and a professional-looking service base.

The ECB-800 series replica watches have many features and advanced features

The replica Casio watches Building series is teamed up with the F1 Ferrari team Red Bull II and is equipped with the most advanced innovations in the field of clock technology.

The ECB-800 metal chronograph model has been developed and continuously improved to support the members of the professional racing team by visually complementing the styling and functionally responding to the needs of the competitors.

One reason for making the ECB-800 model unique is the large LCD multifunction display that combines different specifications.

The ECB-800 series is powered by solar energy and has many features and advanced features, such as a Bluetooth connection to the phone for management. There will also be an automatic time adjustment, a world time indicator for more than 300 cities, a mobile viewfinder function, a 1/1000 second stopwatch, a target time and speed indicator, a super illuminator, and 10 waterproof ATMs.

Additional features:

Solar powered
Double LED lighting
LED illumination for the display (automatic LED, super illuminator, optional illumination duration (1.5 seconds or seconds), residual illumination)
Mobile connection (Bluetooth wireless connection)
World time, 39 districts (39 cities + Coordinated Universal Time), winter and summer time.
The stopwatch measures 1/1000 – 00’00 of the second measuring capacitance “000-59’59’999 (for the 60th minute), 1:00’00” 0 – 23: “9 (59th after 59’59 minutes)
Unit of measurement: 1/1000 second (first 60 minutes), 1/10 second (after 60 minutes); measurement mode: elapsed time fake watches, lap time; data record: up to 200 records (measured lap time); target alarm
Timer with measurement unit: 1/10 second, 24 hour range, start timing: from 1 second to 24 hours (1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour increment)
5 multi-function alarms (daily, hourly, scheduled)
Time signal time
Arrow shift function (the pointer moves to a position that does not affect readability)
Fully automatic calendar (up to 2099) 12/24 hour format
Sound on/off button
Power saving function (when the clock is in the dark, the display becomes dark and the arrow stops moving to save energy)
Time measurement: 3 analog clocks (hours, minutes (arrows moved every 10 seconds), seconds), 1 display speed indication; digital clock, hour, minute, second, before/after noon (AM/PM), month, day ,day
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month (if you don’t use a mobile connection)
Battery life: 6 months for rechargeable battery (normal use time, no re-exposure after full charge); 19 months with rechargeable battery (all black storage period, including full power saving function)

How do you distinguish a real replica Rolex from a forgery

As a sequel to my previous blog about the distinction between a real replica Rolex and a forgery, I explain in this blog more features that you can recognize if you are dealing with an original fake Rolex or a forgery.

Years ago it was easier to distinguish a non-original Rolex from an original fake Rolex. Unfortunately, the counterfeiters ‘perfect’ themselves, making the details more and more difficult to distinguish. The more important it is to observe the very small differences. Rolex is a watch of the details. Swiss craftsmanship with years of experience. This makes it impossible to replicate a Rolex watch 1 on 1. Below I explain a number of details to which you can recognize whether it is an original fake Rolex.

The tick sound and second hand.

Almost every replica Rolex is a mechanical replica watch with an automatic movement, with the exception of a number of quartz models, such as the Oysterquartz. If the second hand of a Rolex shifts abruptly from the second position to the next, then you are probably dealing with a counterfeit replica Rolex. Also, it is audible, if you hear a slowly loud ticking sound then it is most likely a quartz movement and therefore no original replica Rolex. A Rolex ticking with a much higher frequency, up to 10 times within a second. A real Rolex makes a soft and fast ticking sound. Please note that nowadays there are imitation replica Rolex watches with an automatic movement, with a soft and fast tapping sound.

The weight

A real fake Rolex is made of high quality metals, think of steel, gold or even platinum. By using high quality metals, a Rolex sits firmly and comfortably on the wrist. A real pleasure to wear one. These metals also provide a certain weight. A fake Rolex is relatively heavy. If a “replica Rolex” feels rather light, then chances are that you are dealing with a forgery.


A good way to check whether it is an original replica Rolex. Is to compare it with an original. On the website of Rolex, or on other watch related websites often detailed photos. Zoom in on the photos and compare whether the details match. Miss certain details or do not match. Then there is a good chance that you are dealing with a forgery.


Do you have a “Rolex” and you are not sure if it is an original. Then visit an expert, such as a jeweler. They often have years of experience with replica watches such as fake Rolex and can give you a quick answer.

This was part 2 of my blog about the distinction between an original Rolex and a forgery. Do you doubt the originality of your fake Rolex? Send us an e-mail. Wijverkopendathorloge.nl will be happy to help you answer your questions. Do you want to buy a new Rolex and absolute security? And / or sell your current replica Rolex at the best price? Then use the expertise of wijverkopendathorloge.nl and request a free quotation.