The history of the Breitling replica watches brand

Fake Breitling was founded in 1969 by Léon Breitling in Saint-Imier in the Swiss Jura. Replica Breitling specialized at that time in the manufacture of chronometers, stop replica watches and measuring instruments, and did not make replica watches yet. After the death of Léon Breitling in 1926, his son Gaston Breitling followed in the footsteps of his father.

Breitling came up with the idea to make a wrist stopwatch that was useful for pilots as an aid. In 1943, a watch case was designed by Léon Breitling where both a timepiece and a stopwatch could be placed. Léon Breitling also designed a clock in 1926 that could be excited by wrist movements. This made replica Breitling at fake Rolex the most successful brand in automatic timepieces.

Breitling was continued by Willy replica Breitling after the death of Leon fake Breitling in 1932. Breitling made a big step in 1936 by becoming a supplier to the Royal Air Force. Breitling designed especially for the British Air Force replica watches uk with a stopwatch, time, date and a compass. In 1942, Breitling launched the Chronomat model. The Breitling Chronomat was a very popular watch that had a slide rule and was manually wound up. Eventually the US Air Force decided to make the Breitling Chronomat their official watch.

Breitling once again released a very popular fake watches in 1957, namely the Navitimer. The Breitling Navitimer had a pilots chronograph that, in addition to the Chronomat, had an even more elaborate lunette. This enabled the recording of rising or lowering percentages and associated fuel consumption. In 1957 the model was also provided with an automatic movement.

In 1989, replica Breitling introduced the Areospace and in 1995 the Emergency, combining the production of high-quality, mechanical replica watches and the implementation of quartz technology.

How do you distinguish a real replica Rolex from a forgery

As a sequel to my previous blog about the distinction between a real replica Rolex and a forgery, I explain in this blog more features that you can recognize if you are dealing with an original fake Rolex or a forgery.

Years ago it was easier to distinguish a non-original Rolex from an original fake Rolex. Unfortunately, the counterfeiters ‘perfect’ themselves, making the details more and more difficult to distinguish. The more important it is to observe the very small differences. Rolex is a watch of the details. Swiss craftsmanship with years of experience. This makes it impossible to replicate a Rolex watch 1 on 1. Below I explain a number of details to which you can recognize whether it is an original fake Rolex.

The tick sound and second hand.

Almost every replica Rolex is a mechanical replica watch with an automatic movement, with the exception of a number of quartz models, such as the Oysterquartz. If the second hand of a Rolex shifts abruptly from the second position to the next, then you are probably dealing with a counterfeit replica Rolex. Also, it is audible, if you hear a slowly loud ticking sound then it is most likely a quartz movement and therefore no original replica Rolex. A Rolex ticking with a much higher frequency, up to 10 times within a second. A real Rolex makes a soft and fast ticking sound. Please note that nowadays there are imitation replica Rolex watches with an automatic movement, with a soft and fast tapping sound.

The weight

A real fake Rolex is made of high quality metals, think of steel, gold or even platinum. By using high quality metals, a Rolex sits firmly and comfortably on the wrist. A real pleasure to wear one. These metals also provide a certain weight. A fake Rolex is relatively heavy. If a “replica Rolex” feels rather light, then chances are that you are dealing with a forgery.


A good way to check whether it is an original replica Rolex. Is to compare it with an original. On the website of Rolex, or on other watch related websites often detailed photos. Zoom in on the photos and compare whether the details match. Miss certain details or do not match. Then there is a good chance that you are dealing with a forgery.


Do you have a “Rolex” and you are not sure if it is an original. Then visit an expert, such as a jeweler. They often have years of experience with replica watches such as fake Rolex and can give you a quick answer.

This was part 2 of my blog about the distinction between an original Rolex and a forgery. Do you doubt the originality of your fake Rolex? Send us an e-mail. will be happy to help you answer your questions. Do you want to buy a new Rolex and absolute security? And / or sell your current replica Rolex at the best price? Then use the expertise of and request a free quotation.

Replica TAG Heuer is suitable for watches of different age groups

When you are in a luxury shopping mall, the dazzling array of goods has already made you feel dazzled. If you have already looked down on the shining jewels, tired of the decoration of the hardcover dress, ignoring the usual accessories, the watch can make the watch more People fall in love at first sight. From the naughty childhood, life has experienced the ups and downs of the process, and finally returned to calm and quiet, each stage needs to have different companions, the replica watch is like a time elf, it can not only help us record Those beautiful moments can accompany us to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Below, Jufeng Shangxiaomu introduces you to men’s replica watches of different ages. Each design is novel and exquisite, different and different. At any age, you can always find your own watch.

Passionate (20-30 years old)
20 and 30 years old are the people in the stage of struggle in life. Every day, the work of hard work and hard work lay the foundation for a lifetime. Watches represent a person’s sense of time and a symbol of identity. Office workers who often come and go in the workplace need an atmospheric watch to add to their external image. Based on salary considerations, Xiaobian recommends a replica TAG Heuer submarine series WAB2011.BA0803 watch. In the same price selection, Longines brand is definitely better.

Replica TAG Heuer diving series WAB2011.BA0803 watch
When it comes to passion, I have to think of TAG Heuer, always adhering to the combination of sports and fashion. The replica TAG Heuer submarine series WAB2011.BA0803 watches fully comply with the strict requirements of precision sports in sports activities in the water. At the beginning of the concept, this replica watch was closely coordinated by replica TAG Heuer’s watchmakers and designers to create this noble and original sports watch, which is unique in style.

No.: WAB2011.BA0803

Brand: TAG Heuer

Series: competitive diving

Style: automatic machine, 41 mm, men

Material: Stainless steel

For more information on TAG Heuer, please visit TAG Heuer’s official website